Thank You For Submitting Your Measurements! – Top Lids

Thank You For Submitting Your Measurements!

We deeply appreciate your energy and communication to be sure your measurements are all aligned for a perfect fitting lid. Now it’s our turn…

We’ve received your measurements and will review them with our engineers as soon as we get to yours in our queue (generally about 4-8 business days). We will let you know if we need any measurements redone. Fingers crossed they’re all good to go 🤙

Once we approve your measurements, we will make a visual model of your lid (another 1-3 business days), and then send this over to you in another email so you can take a look. This model will have your original measurements in it (plus any small gaps we add around overflows and other equipment to make taking the lid on and off much easier). We highly encourage at this point to double check everything by measuring your tank one final time, while looking at your lid model to directly compare. 

In the meantime, feel free to check out our other Cutout Options Here, and our Add-On Options Here

We look forward to seeing your project come together 🐠☔️

To Your Success,

- The Top Lids Team