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Shipping, Delivery, and Damages

Shipping Process

Below is a breakdown of our Shipping Process as a guide:

  1. We program and print your shipping label within 6 hours after your original order, and place it on the box that we will ship your lid in
  2. Once we are nearing the end of finishing your lid, we schedule for our shipping provider to pickup
  3. Our shipping provider picks up your lid, and you receive an email and a text message with tracking so that you can track your lid on its journey to you
    1. Please note that tracking at this point may say “Please check back later”, in which case the carrier must scan your label into their terminal before you will be able to see progress
  4. Our shipping provider scans your shipping label at their terminal, and the tracking that you received updates to show both shipping progress and estimated delivery date (allow up to 48 hours after pickup for your tracking to update)
  5. You will receive your lid when shipping delivers to you, as reflected in tracking (if there are any issues with this, let us know through message first, and then through call if needed)
  6. You will check your lid IMMEDIATELY when you receive it (or as soon as possible) for any damages to the product itself that render it aesthetically unacceptable or functionally unusable
    1. Please follow the Delivery Condition Process in the “Check For Delivery Condition” section below to correctly check for damages on delivery and document your lid’s condition
  7. Send us pictures and video of your lid’s delivery condition upon arrival, following the steps in the “Check For Delivery Condition” section below
  8. Top Lids will guide you from then on


International Shipments

For all international shipments (outside of the US), there are adjusted rates from our normal shipping rates to get your Top Lids product(s) safely to you. In many countries (including Canada, Australia, and many European countries), an additional DUTIES AND FEES charge will be billed to and be paid by in full by the Client (you). This charge will in no way and for no reason be the responsibility or liability of Top Lids, and will always be the full responsibility and liability of the Client (you), since it solely has to do with entrance of your Top Lids product(s) into your country.

International duty charges will be billed to you at the time of your Top Lids product(s) entering your country, and before being sent on a truck to you. You will receive an email or a call from one of our carriers (either UPS or DHL in most cases) communicating the total cost of these Duties and Fees to be paid. It is impossible for Top Lids to estimate these exact Duties and Fees to you as it will fluctuate based on your location, the size and weight of your package, as well as international trade laws, foreign exchange rates, etc. We can only estimate on historical data from past orders.

This additional charge will NOT be applied or visible anywhere on your order from 

Check For Delivery Condition

It is extremely important that we check every single package and shipment directly at Delivery for the condition of the lid after shipping. This is to…

  1. Determine if this is the product that you ordered in good condition that you would like to keep
  2. Document the condition upon delivery to make any potential damage claims easy to file and quick to process
  3. Continue good communication with Top Lids to give feedback on your viewpoint of delivery and the product itself

Please follow the Delivery Condition Process below to help us ensure that your shipping insurance and product warranty are properly activated…

  1. Stay up to date with your Shipment Tracking on a consistent basis to note any potential delivery time changes or delays
  2. Plan for someone to be at the delivery location on the date of delivery (stolen packages due to not being home cannot be honored by Top Lids)
  3. Be ready for your delivery on the delivery date
  4. When your lid arrives, go out to inspect the package as quickly as possible (keep the lid and the product outside for Steps 5-9 if possible, and if raining take under a covered area for these steps)
  5. Take pictures from all angles of the box (front, back, and 4 sides)
  6. Take close-up shots of any scrapes, scratches, bends, or punctures in the box / packaging
  7. Take a 10-20 second video of the full delivery condition, showing all potential damage points
  8. Carefully remove the packaging and take the product out of the packaging (still outside)
  9. Repeat Steps 5-7 with the product itself
  10. Take the product inside with all of the original packaging
  11. Set the original packaging aside and keep stored for at least 2 months (in a safe area where kids or pets can’t reach)
  12. Fit test the lid on the tank and repeat Steps 5-7
  13. For the fit test of the lid, take a 30-45 second video instead of a 10-20 second video, showing both the fit of the lid and the function of all the cutouts, feed doors, etc. to make sure everything is working well and looks great
  14. Send all of these pictures and video to Top Lids either by email ( or message (however you have been communicating with your Top Lids Advisor beforehand)
  15. Make sure to upload all files in only the following file types:
    1. MP4 (video)
    2. JPG (photo)
    3. PNG (photo)
  16. Please do not send us pictures in HEIC format (normal photo format for iPhone) as we cannot open this file type to view your delivery condition

Shipping Insurance

Top Lids ships all of their individual client orders with Shipping Insurance at Full Value. What this means is that whatever your total order value is, we claim this with our shipping broker. In the event of any shipping damages at no fault of Top Lids or yours, we will claim that to make you a new lid and send to you ASAP. 

We need Proof of Delivery Condition to remake your lid quickly, and to make sure that there is indeed a damage upon delivery no question. Because you will be the one receiving delivery, we need your help with this!

Please follow the “Shipping Damages” section below to learn about taking photos and video for Proof of Delivery, to be sure we can remake your lid for you if damaged…

Shipping Damages

If you receive delivery from shipping (UPS Priority) and the packaging and / or the product itself is significantly damaged aesthetically or beyond use, you may be eligible for a complete remake of your lid.

Please follow the Delivery Condition Process in the “Check for Delivery Condition” section above to learn how to properly document your delivery, to most easily receive a full lid remake if heavily damaged. 

What happens after submitting your photos and videos to us is we will review them immediately or within the next 6-12 hours. If a claim needs to be filed due to shipping damages, we will file a claim on your behalf and communicate with you immediately to go over next steps for your lid remake. 

What Do I Do If My Top Lids Shipment Arrives Damaged?

First off, communication. Let us know exactly what’s going on and about your tank condition (what is going on with your tank) through email ( and also by sending your Top Lids Rep a text message so we can advise on the best possible solution for your tank as we are processing your damage claim and remaking your lid. 

If your lid is damaged, your new lid or replacement parts (if applicable) will begin being processed and put on our production schedule immediately. You do not need to wait for the shipping claim to process in order for us to begin remaking your lid, but we may need additional information from you to help with processing the shipping claim. So have both the original product and the original packaging ready for this for at least 1 month. Failure to do so may negatively affect the status of your lid remake, at the sole discretion of Top Lids. 

The standard and guaranteed way of resolving a shipping damage claim at no fault of either Top Lids or you, is remaking your original lid. The option of a full or partial refund, or replacement parts to be sent instead of a lid remake is at the sole discretion of Top Lids. 


Terms and Conditions for Consent at Purchase

Upon placing an order through Top Lids, each Client of ours agrees to the Terms above and also agrees to follow them in good faith on both the side of the Client and Top Lids. If the above Terms are not followed, any promises or guarantees made by Top Lids to the Client are voided.