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What If I Change My Tank During Order? Exchanges / Store Credit

Exchanges / Store Credit

In some cases, clients may want to opt to have a lid made for a different tank (as in the case of you upgrading your tank unexpectedly, and in the unfortunate case of your current tank failing).

We are perfectly okay with helping to do this, as long as we are notified in writing that you would like to change your lid to a different tank model within 5 business days of your lid being cut. This is because we work on a schedule to produce lids off of the sheets of polycarbonate that we use, and it is very challenging to change these layouts once we are 5 business days or less from being cut. Once a lid is on a product sheet to be cut, it cannot be modified, changed, or refunded in any way. Once a model is approved, modifications can be made up tp 3 business days from being cut, but no refunds can be issued.

If an Exchange / Store Credit is desired, please reach out to us on social chat, at clients@toplids.com, or at the phone number of your Top Lids Agent and we will speak with you about next steps.

Exchanges and Store Credits are "credits" for the amount invested in your order, brought over to a separate order through Top Lids. These are eligible for all orders whether higher or lower in value than your original order. In the event that your second order is higher in value than your first order, we will provide a "Discount" on your invoice of the total amount of your original order, and bill for the difference. In the event that your second order is lower in value than your first order, you will receive the second order free of charge, and the difference amount will be held under your account at toplids.com to go towards your next purchase. Until the second order is confirmed, there will be no funds credited back directly to your card in any way or for any reason.

No cash, credit card, or any other payment method refunds will be issued with eligible Store Credit.


Terms and Conditions for Consent at Purchase

Upon placing an order through Top Lids, each Client of ours agrees to the Terms above and also agrees to follow them in good faith on both the side of the Client and Top Lids. If the above Terms are not followed, any promises or guarantees made by Top Lids to the Client are voided.