Lid Production Lead Times – Top Lids

Lid Production Lead Times

There are 3 types of lids that Top Lids makes. Here is an overview of each one:

  • Standard Lid: Come with standard cutouts, require no measuring, and have decreased lead time. No Add-Ons are available for Standard Lids
  • Professional Lid: Same as Standard Lid, but have access to Add-Ons
  • Luxury Lid: Custom measured and designed for a perfect fit on any shape or size of tank, can choose any custom options you'd like, and place those options wherever you'd like

Our current production lead times are as follows:

  • Standard and Professional Lids: 3-5 Weeks from time of order.
  • Luxury Lids: 5-8 Weeks from time of final design approval.
  • Luxury Lids with Expedited Production: 3-5.5 Weeks from time of final design approval.
  • Luxury Lids with Super Expedited Production: Contact our team and we will quote lead time for you individually.

Lead time for a Standard Lid order STARTS AT THE DATE OF ORDER, and does not depend on anything from the Client's side. Lead time for a Custom Lid order STARTS AT THE DATE OF FINAL DESIGN APPROVAL and depends on a few factors:

  1. Client measurements submitted on time (within 5 business days of having your Design Call)
  2. Client approves their lid model on time (within 5 business days of receiving your 1st lid approval model)
  3. No highly customized options in your design (like new frame designs, new products or pieces we will develop for your project specifically, etc). Rule of Thumb: if you see it on the website already, it will not cause any delays

If any of the above are not met, or changes to an order / lid design are made after sending to production, then your project lead time can fluctuate and the original lead time quote is voided. Please consult your Top Lids Rep about any potential delays to your project based around this.


Client Updates

For every single client of ours, we send out personalized updates to how their project is going during their lead time. These updates will include pictures of your project as it moves along.

If you would like an update for where your project is in the meantime, please email or and they will be happy to provide an update to where your project is currently.


Potential Delays

We are in the manufacturing industry operating heavy machinery every day, so things can happen that we don't expect. While we've been doing this for quite a while, we've learned to never ever assume that you know everything.

In the event of a piece of equipment going down, we will promptly send out an update to all clients whose projects have been affected to let them know what's going on. If the delay is longer than a week or two, we will talk with them about either waiting or pursuing other options to complete their order.


Terms and Conditions for Consent at Purchase

Upon placing an order through Top Lids, each Client of ours agrees to the Terms above and also agrees to follow them in good faith on both the side of the Client and Top Lids. If the above Terms are not followed, any promises or guarantees made by Top Lids to the Client are voided.