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Top Lids MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) Pricing Policy

This MAP Policy applies to all Stores, Maintenance Companies, Distributors, and Resellers of Top Lids products. All of the aforementioned are prohibited from displaying, advertising, quoting, or selling any Top Lids product for any price below the listed prices of each respective product on our website, by means including but not limited to in-store purchases, price tags, social media, YouTube, partner company website, any other form of digital media or sales / marketing channel, online or offline forum or group, over the phone conversation, or any other form of advertised promotion. In person interactions and conversations are acceptable to go below MAP pricing on a case by case basis with each individual client, as long as there is no form of public advertisement (to more than one individual client at a time), however the wholesale price charged by Top Lids will not change. The reseller may charge a higher price on any form of advertisement if they choose.

It is the responsibility of the reseller to maintain and adhere to up to date, current retail and wholesale pricing standards. No discounts will be given for orders made with inaccurate pricing. Top Lids will make you aware of any upcoming price adjustments ahead of time before they take effect, and will clearly communicate the new prices to you and provide resources in order to accurately update and reflect new pricing standards on your website, in-store, and any other sales or marketing channels you may have as a Reseller.

Terms and Conditions for Consent at Purchase
Upon placing an order through Top Lids, each Client of ours agrees to the Terms above and also agrees to follow them in good faith on both the side of the Client and Top Lids. If the above Terms are not followed, any promises or guarantees made by Top Lids to the Client are voided.